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Sound Design

Mayur Films has been sought out for our audio production expertise. Our engineers have served as expert witnesses in important legal decisions dependant on audio evidence. We have been sought to solve audio problems and conundrums that have been deemed unsolvable by other production studios. On a daily basis, our audio engineers are producing and recording a complete range of audio productions for advertising, entertainment, marketing communications, music, software, games, CD, DVD, video and film.

We have fully equipped digital audio studio that are the home of experienced and talented engineers. Our engineers will add their extensive experience to your important audio project to be sure you get the best finished product possible.

Projects in the Film Production and Animation & Visual Effects programs at Mayur Films are finished in the Sound Design program just as a motion picture would be finished in Hollywood. The sound designer is in charge of anything that is heard during the production. This includes any live or recorded music and sound effects as well as the vocal projection of the actors, both speaking and singing.

We use innovative processes, leading technology and unusual instruments to craft exceptional music and sound design for film, animation and other digital experiences.