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DVD Authoring

Bring your DVD project to life with our DVD Authoring service.

Here at Mayur Films we have extensive knowledge of all the powerful features available. Primarily using Apple DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Encore CS5, we investigate into the DVD spec, implementing high-end features:

  • Playlist feature – allows the user to select what they want to watch and in which order
  • Interactive Learning
  • Ultimate asset protection
  • Faster DVDs – greatly speeded up navigation by authoring at the spec level
  • ROM content for computer enhancement
  • Animated sub-picture streams
  • Subtitles

Our DVD authoring service takes your DVD to the next level. You have the assurance of knowing your DVD is correctly laid out according to the specification. Replication runs so much smoother when you know your DVD is spec perfect; we guarantee there won’t be a ‘bit’ out of place! Professional DVD authoring can add a great deal to the viewer’s experience. It involves much more than burning video, audio and other multimedia content to a standard or Blu-Ray DVD disc. A high-end, targeted experience consists of developing rich motion graphics and menus that engage and captivate. You may be surprised how much effective DVD authoring enhances the success of your communication. We keep current with the latest authoring technology for Standard Definition and High Definition Blu-Ray DVDs. We offer a free consultation to show you how cost effective and valuable professional DVD authoring can be for your next DVD project.