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About Us

Mayur Films design team knows what it takes to deliver a brand identity just right for your business. We create unique logos, print advertising and web designs for global clients since 2000. Simply stated, our mission is to provide professional, affordable design products that equip small businesses to compete with big ones. All our products and services help build a company's brand value by providing a strong, unified image.

Mayur Films is a leading Post-Production & Design Agency company in India that was founded in 2000. Originally, the goal was to provide business and marketing communities an alternative to production houses. Mayur Films has earned a reputation for quality post production work in Asia over the last 14 years. From our core competencies of audio, video and design for postproduction, we now have extensive experience in consumer and marketing communications segments: Mayur Films success is directly attributable to exceptional service whether working with other media production professionals like advertising agencies and production companies, or directly with the end client. We have the equipment and experienced professionals as well as key relationships with veteran craftsman. Our creative team consistently delivers high quality work.

You want nothing but the best for your video production project. Mayur Films is a video production company specializing in providing top quality post-production service for corporate videos, TV commercials, live events and professional training video projects. Let Mayur Films use the power of video and film to help deliver your message in a manner that is precise, entertaining and compelling. Whether you are seeking professional quality video production services, pre production services or post production services the award winning team at Mayur Films can create and deliver media that improves your bottom line.

There is an old adage that every $1 you spend in pre-production will save you $2 in post production. Another way to put it: Movies are made on paper. Everything else is incidental.